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Prof. Roland Asmar
Cardiology & vascular Diseases

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Humanitarian & associations activities

Work as a clinician in hospitals, researcher in labs and professor in faculties, should not make us forget the main mission of our job as physician, the "welfare" of individual and population. This is even truer when received a French education with humanitarian values positioned at the forefront "Humanism".

No need to be a socio-economist to observe that access to the healthcare system is uneven and that globalization does not help to improve it. Millions of People, not only in low resource countries, are suffering from the very limited or absence of access to the medical care.

Contribution of, each of us is needed to improve the healthcare access and quality. Towards this end, I had the honor and chance to be involved in several humanitarian foundation, association and activities and participate to several committees:
  • Foundation - Medical Research Institutes - F-MRI
  • Association Médicale Franco-Libanaise - AMFL
  • Institut de Recherche et formation Médicale - IRFC
  • Member of a WHO committee dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of the poorer countries

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